Top 3 Meme Coins Primed for Takeoff as Market Shifts Bullish – $DAWGZ, $PEPU, and $SHIBASHOOT

The cryptocurrency market is currently experiencing a fearful sentiment, as reflected by the Fear and Greed Index.
This index takes into account various factors like social media activity, surveys, market volatility, and Bitcoin dominance to gauge investor sentiment.
A high score indicates greed, while a low score suggests fear. Right now, the index is in extreme-fear territory, suggesting investors are cautious and hesitant to buy.
However, historically, these fearful periods have been followed by rebounds in price. This presents an opportunity for investors to buy undervalued assets in anticipation of a future bull run.
The article explores three meme coins that have the potential to soar in value when market sentiment shifts back to bullish.

Base Dawgz is currently in its presale phase within the cryptocurrency market and has already raised $2.4 million, garnering significant attention.
The project distinguishes itself by offering tokens across multiple blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Solana, appealing to a wide spectrum of cryptocurrency enthusiasts interested in diverse blockchain ecosystems.
A notable aspect of Base Dawgz is its strategic branding strategy, drawing inspiration from the iconic Top Gun logo, renowned for its widespread recognition and appeal.
This branding not only attracts attention but also effectively engages potential investors within the meme culture. Positioned strategically, Base Dawgz aims to capitalize on the popularity and familiarity associated with its branding upon entering the market.
The project underscores its commitment to transparency and credibility through completed audits and a comprehensive whitepaper, crucial for assessing its integrity.
Active community engagement, particularly on platforms like Twitter, further bolsters Base Dawgz’s transparency efforts and enhances investor confidence. As it prepares for its official launch, Base Dawgz is emphasizing a countdown to anticipated price increases.
The project encourages potential investors to explore its offerings across different blockchain networks and participate in its presale phase.
This approach leverages current market trends and investor enthusiasm for meme coins, presenting an advantageous opportunity for early involvement in the project. To participate in the $DAWGZ token presale, visit
Pepe Unchained (PEPU)
Pepe Unchained represents a meme coin initiative that stands out with its distinctive features. Currently in its presale stage, the project has successfully raised an impressive $3.4 million.
The token’s value is steadily appreciating during the presale, making it an attractive opportunity for early investors.
Interested parties can easily acquire $PEPU tokens through the project’s official website using various methods like Ethereum, Tether, credit cards, and Binance Coin. Pepe Unchained offers staking for those who choose to hold their tokens.
Powered by its Layer 2 blockchain technology, the platform boasts several advantages, including seamless asset transfers between Ethereum and the Pepe Chain with instant bridging capabilities.
Compared to Ethereum, Pepe Unchained’s Layer 2 technology enables significantly faster and cheaper transactions due to its enhanced operational efficiency and expanded capacity to handle a larger volume of transactions efficiently.
Capitalizing on the iconic Pepe the Frog meme’s established brand recognition, Pepe Unchained leverages its efficient Layer 2 blockchain to attract users seeking enhanced transaction speeds and cost-effectiveness.
The project prioritizes security and user accessibility, reinforced by thorough security audits conducted by Coin Consult and Solid Proof.
Purchasing Pepe Unchained tokens is streamlined through MetaMask wallets, aligning with the project’s commitment to user-friendly interfaces.
Looking ahead, Pepe Unchained is dedicated to fostering awareness and community growth. A substantial 20% of the total token allocation is allocated to marketing initiatives.

The project’s roadmap includes strategic endeavors such as the “Make Pepe Great Again” campaign, aimed at boosting visibility and community engagement.
With a keen understanding of its niche audience, inspired by the Pepe meme, the project aims to build a dedicated community.
The presale phase offers a competitive pricing model for Pepe Unchained tokens, making it an opportune moment for prospective investors to explore. To take part in the $PEPU token presale, visit
Shiba Shootout (SHIBASHOOT)
Shiba Shootout (SHIBASHOOT) emerges as a hot new cryptocurrency project, generating significant buzz despite its recent presale launch. It has already raised over $600k, with the next price increase scheduled in less than 24 hours.
This strong investor interest stems from the development team’s proven track record of successful coin launches. Participation in the presale is open, allowing investors to use Ethereum (ETH), USDT, or credit cards across various phases with different price points.

🧘‍♂️ Keep calm and let $SHIBASHOOT do the rest! 🚀💰#Shibashoot #Shibashootout #Memecoins #Crypto
— shibashootout (@shibashootout) July 12, 2024

A key strength of Shiba Shootout is its vibrant community, similar to other successful meme coins. This strong community backing fuels market appeal and potential value.
The project boasts unique features like Cactus staking, which incentivizes investor participation by offering coin holders the chance to earn interest.
Shiba Shootout’s roadmap outlines plans for listings on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) followed by centralized exchanges, progressively enhancing visibility and liquidity.
Prominent crypto news outlets have already featured the token, and crypto experts are discussing its potential. This exposure bolsters Shiba Shootout’s visibility within the crypto space and fosters investor confidence.
Early investors in the presale phase stand to gain from potentially advantageous pricing before prices increase as the project gains traction and wider market recognition. To join the $SHIBASHOOT token presale, head over to

Shiba Inu’s Whale Activity Signals Potential Price Recovery – Will the Newest Meme Coin SHIBASHOOT Follow SHIB’s Success?
Pepe Unchained Presale Raises Over $2 Million Despite Market Slump – Could This Be the Next 10x Crypto?

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Elon Musk endorses Donald Trump shortly after ex-president injured by shots fired at rally

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he “fully” endorses Trump after the former president was injured when shots were fired at a rally in Pennsylvania.

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Meet the soft robots that can amputate limbs and fuse with other robots

Roboticists at The Faboratory at Yale University have developed a way for soft robots to replicate some of the more unsettling things that animals and insects can accomplish — say, a reptile self-amputating a limb, or ants building bridges by temporarily fusing their bodies. In one demo video, we see a soft quadruped robot crawling […]
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$WIF and $BONK Prices Plummet – Opportunity to Buy the Dip or Time to Explore Alternative Meme Coins Like $PEPU?

The cryptocurrency market has seen a correction in recent weeks, with meme coins dogwifhat (WIF) and Bonk (BONK) being hit particularly hard.
Both coins have lost over 50% of their market value and are now ranked outside the top 50 on CoinMarketCap.
While the prices of these two tokens have plummeted, investors are taking Pepe Unchained as an alternative investment today as its presale surges to $3.4 million.
dogwifhat (WIF) price analysis
In recent weeks, dogwifhat and Bonk have both experienced significant declines in their market values, despite previously holding market caps of around $2 billion.

This drop has caused them to fall below cryptocurrencies like Filecoin, Cronos, and Cosmos, sparking increased interest and concern among investors.
Dogwifhat (WIF) has faced significant challenges in recent weeks, experiencing a substantial decline of 35.91% over the past month. This downward trend has continued with a 21% decrease in the past week, culminating in a further drop of 1.99% today.
Despite briefly climbing back to the 49th position, WIF’s market cap remains precarious. It has fallen 1.40% and could easily slip back outside the 50th spot, highlighting its continued vulnerability.
Technical analysis shows that dogwifhat is currently displaying a falling wedge pattern, which is typically seen as bullish and suggests potential upward movement. Additionally, $WIF is within a large bull flag formation, indicating a positive longer-term outlook.
However, confirmation of this bullish trend would require a breakout above the crucial $3.14 level. For investors considering a dollar-cost averaging (DCA) strategy, several critical market structure points offer potential buying opportunities.
dogwifhat has tested multiple support levels during its recent decline, with these levels historically proving strong. They represent attractive targets for DCA entries. Should $WIF continue its descent, the next notable support level to monitor is around $1.
Buying at this level could potentially yield substantial returns if the coin returns to previous all-time highs, offering a potential 4.6x to 5x return on investment.
Bonk (BONK) price analysis
Bonk has shown notably different market behavior from dogwifhat. Examining its technical indicators reveals potential buying levels. Bonk (BONK) is currently experiencing significant upward momentum, bolstered by a strong trend line.
However, a breach of this trend line might prompt a retracement towards the 200 EMA, potentially establishing a new resistance level.

For investors employing a dollar-cost averaging (DCA) strategy, strategic entry points include trend line support, which serves as a promising entry due to its continuation suggesting ongoing upward momentum.
Identifying key support levels from previous price action offers additional opportunities to accumulate Bonk at lower prices, enhancing profit potential upon the coin’s next upward movement.
If Bonk returns to its previous all-time highs, investors could potentially earn returns of approximately 3.45x their initial investment. This significant upside potential makes Bonk an attractive option for meme coin investors.
It’s important to consider the broader market context as well. Any downturn in Bitcoin could similarly impact dogwifhat and Bonk, so investors should be prepared for potential volatility and adjust their strategies accordingly.
Pepe Unchained: Exploring profitable opportunities in crypto
As dogwifhat and Bonk grapple with volatility, Pepe Unchained emerges as a potential game-changer. This innovative Layer 2 blockchain, built on Ethereum, aims to redefine the meme coin landscape with its groundbreaking features.
Pepe Unchained seamlessly bridges Ethereum and its native chain, effectively eliminating Ethereum’s high transaction fees while boosting transaction speeds by 100x.
Additionally, it will feature a dedicated blockchain explorer akin to Etherscan and Solscan, enhancing transparency and user accessibility. The success of its presale, which has already raised $3.4 million, underscores strong investor confidence and interest in the project.

Get ready to interact with Pepe’s new Layer 2 blockchain soon 👉🐸
— Pepe Unchained (@pepe_unchained) July 12, 2024

Adding to its appeal, Pepe Unchained offers a lucrative staking program with an impressive 548% APY. Investors can earn rewards in the form of $PEPU tokens, distributed at a rate of 608.82 $PEPU per Ethereum block.
These rewards will be distributed over a two-year period and will be claimable once the claim function goes live. Pepe Unchained’s robust infrastructure positions it well to host future meme coin launches, potentially attracting substantial market activity.
The project’s solid brand identity and comprehensive audits further bolster its credibility. For investors seeking opportunities, the Pepe Unchained presale offers an early entry point using Ethereum, USDT, BNB, or even a credit card.
This provides a chance to participate in a project poised for significant growth in the burgeoning meme coin sector. To participate in the $PEPU token presale, visit
In the midst of the cryptocurrency market correction, meme coins like dogwifhat (WIF) and Bonk (BONK) have seen significant declines in value, prompting investors to seek alternative opportunities.
The emergence of Pepe Unchained offers a fresh perspective. Its innovative approach, strong presale performance, and potential to become a major player make it a project worth watching.
Investors seeking high returns in the highly volatile crypto market should consider Pepe Unchained as a potential cornerstone for their meme coin portfolio.

Pepe Unchained Presale Raises Over $2 Million Despite Market Slump – Could This Be the Next 10x Crypto?
Pepe Unchained Meme Token ICO Hits $2 Million – Could PEPU See a Post-Launch Surge Like PEPE?

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World of Warcraft: The War Within release date, pre-patch details, and everything we know so far?

World of Warcraft: The War Within is fast approaching, with beta, pre-patch, and a full release on the near horizon.
Set to explore deeper, darker themes, The War Within is the tenth expansion since the game’s release in 2001. There are two more (Midnight and The Last Titan) announced but only The War Within has a set release date – and it’s coming up soon.
As with previous expansions, there are opportunities to play The War Within ahead of its official release through the beta and early access releases. Read on for all these details, as well as what to expect from the expansion itself.
When is World of Warcraft: The War Within coming out?
Blizzard has confirmed that World of Warcraft: The War Within will be released on August 26, with early access starting from August 22.
To get involved with early access, players will need to purchase the top tier (and most expensive) edition of The War Within, titled the Epic edition.
The price for The War Within starts from $49.99 for the Base edition, $69.99 for the Heroic edition, and US$89.99 for the Epic edition, which is the only one that offers access to the beta and early access periods. You’re guaranteed at least three days of early access, meaning that it will start at the latest from August 23, as the dates can be subject to change.
If you’ve already bought a lower-tier edition and want to upgrade, there’s still time to do so in the online Battle Net shop.

The Worldsoul, so long denied me, shall be mine.
The War Within arrives August 26.
Early Access begins August 22.
— World of Warcraft (@Warcraft) June 9, 2024

The beta version of the expansion is available earlier than the early access and also be played by those who bought the Epic edition. It includes new systems, the complete leveling experience, zones, dungeons, delves, Warbands, and the new playable Earthen, with raid testing coming later.
Other players may also be selected to join the beta, although that’s not guaranteed. If you are selected, you’ll receive an email inviting you to download the game client directly from the desktop app. From there you should follow these steps for the best experience, according to Blizzard:

Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date
Run the desktop app and check for any updates, ensuring you have the most recent version
Select World of Warcraft from the list of games and choose The War Within in the drop-down menu, and click Install
Once installed, click Play and select any available Test Servers
Create a new test character or use the character copy to import your existing Dragonflight character
Enjoy testing the available content

How to access WoW TWW pre-patch
Players are also waiting for news on the pre-patch access.
Pre-patch events for World of Warcraft expansions usually take place about a month before the expansion itself, offering all of the system changes that the expansion brings without the actual content of the expansion.
While a date hasn’t been given for The War Within’s pre-patch, titled The Radiant Echoes, but a new splash screen element suggests that it will launch on July 30, with an announcement expected on July 23. That fits with the typical schedule of these releases, coming roughly one month ahead of The War Within’s release on August 26.
The War Within tank tier list
As The War Within’s beta has already started, there’s already a good idea of which classes are ranking higher than others.
Of course, this is relatively subjective but those who have already started playing the new expansion generally seem to agree Mage, Paladin, and Evoker are all strong top-tier classes, while Shaman seems underserved by the dev team in the beta version.
That could certainly be subject to change as the game continues to develop and is based on largely anecdotal evidence at this early beta stage.
What is The War Within’s new Story Mode Difficulty?

Although raids are an integral part of World of Warcraft, The War Within marks Blizzard’s debut of a new Story Mode Difficulty, geared towards non-raiders and solo players to allow them to hit all the important story beats found in raids without the need to actually battle through them – but you can of course still get stuck in if you want to.
The mode is currently scheduled to release alongside the Looking For Raid difficulty of The War Within’s first raid, titled Nerub-ar Palace.
It’s thought to be a one-and-done experience for story discovery with the option to replay later if you want to. Blizzard has not confirmed whether it will drop loot.
The main difference between the story mode and regular raids is that it’s limited to the raid’s final boss, Queen Ansurek. That means players will only have to fight one boss rather than all eight found in the raid, as well as enjoy reduced difficulty and complexity throughout, allowing players to focus on narrative beats rather than gameplay. Story Mode Difficulty is geared towards between one and five players, requiring fewer people and even allowing you to complete it on your own if you want.
Featured image: Blizzard Games
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If you’re an AT&T customer, your data has likely been stolen

This week, AT&T confirmed it will begin notifying around 110 million AT&T customers about a data breach that allowed cybercriminals to steal the phone records of “nearly all” of its customers. The stolen data contains phone numbers and AT&T records of calls and text messages during a six-month period in 2022, the company says. If […]
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Here’s the full list of 28 US AI startups that have raised $100M or more in 2024

In the first half of 2024 alone, more than $35.5 billion was invested into AI startups globally.
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Fitbit Charge 7: Expected Release Date, Features, Colors, Price

Google’s acquisition of Fitbit in 2021 has led to a very busy few years for the popular fitness wearable.
Following the arrival of the Fitbit Charge 6 towards the end of 2023, which was a significant upgrade on the Charge 5, we’ve also seen a revamped Fitbit app to go with it and a Fitbit Ace LTE for Kids.
Now, rumors of a Fitbit Charge 7 are picking up pace as Fitbit fans anticipate Google’s next move as they look to remain competitive in an ever-increasing marketplace.
So, here’s what we know so far.
Fitbit Charge 7: What we know so far and rumors
Rumors are pointing towards a new 1.5-inch, 240×240 pixels display, which is larger than the Charge 6’s 1.04-inch, 206×124 resolution, HD AMOLED display.
This is likely to be in an attempt to bring the Fitbit Charge 7 into closer competition with its rivals, such as Garmin, Amazfit and Xiaomi.
Image: Fitbit
While the Fitbit Charge 6 already includes most or all features you would expect to find on a fitness wearable, there are additional features expected to be in the pipeline for the Charge 7.
Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring
First up is Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring, which will appeal to diabetes sufferers. The likes of Samsung and Huawei already have this in their wearables, so it’s an ideal addition to have to bring Fitbit to the attention for those who need this feature.
Menstrual Health Tracking
The other is Menstrual Health Tracking, which is a regular feature found in many other fitness and smartwatch wearables already on the market.
AI powered heart-rate sensor
We also saw the introduction of an AI powered heart-rate sensor in the Charge 6, which is expected to remain in the Fitbit Charge 7.
We also expect to see the return of an altimeter, which is designed to provide accurate elevation tracking. For some reason, it was missing in the Charge 6 but it is believed that Fitbit are ready to heed the calls of disgruntled users by bringing it back.
GPS upgrade
As many would expect from a fresh edition to the Fitbit lineup, GPS and workout tracking should receive an upgrade, too. It’s believed Fitbit plans to do that by using Google Maps and WiFi networks to boost precision.
Operating System (OS)
Image: Fitbit
Since Fitbit came under Google’s ownership, questions surrounding the future of Fitbit’s OS have understandably done the rounds.
Rumors suggest the Fitbit Charge 7 could be the first Fitbit to include Google’s Wear OS, which is found on many fitness wearables and smartwatches on the market, including those from the likes of Samsung, LG, Motorola, Asus, Sony and Huawei.
This might seem like an obvious move from Fitbit if it aims to become more competitive, although one wonders whether all these Google-inspired upgrades to the Fitbit might become something of a conflict of interest for the tech giant.
Google already has its own range of Smartwatches, with the Pixel Watch 3 expected to launch later in 2024.
Therefore, introducing the likes of Wear OS may blur the lines between the overall differences between Fitbit and Pixel Watch.
The previously impressive seven-day battery life is no longer a selling point when you compare it to the likes of the Amazfit Band 7, which has a battery capable of lasting around 18 days.
That may mean a significant battery upgrade is in the works, but it’s not confirmed and is nothing but a wish on the list of keen Fitbit users.
To match Amazfit’s promises, the Fitbit Charge 7 would need a 232 mAh battery capacity at the very least.
One thing is for sure, if Fitbit does opt for a larger battery to prioritize battery life, then that should all but rule out Wear OS, which would require a far bigger battery that isn’t centered around long life.
Therefore, it’ll likely be one or the other. Given Fitbit’s reputation for having a longer battery life than a normal smartwatch and the convenience that gives its users, I’m predicting a larger battery and Fitbit’s proprietary OS lives to see another Charge.
Meanwhile, we could be about to see the end of Fitbit’s proprietary charger, with the introduction of more universal USB-C charging capabilities.
No one is expecting any surprises with the color range of the Charge 7, so it’s likely to be the same range in previous Charge editions, both to the device itself and the accompanying bands.
For the device, we’re looking at champagne gold aluminum, silver aluminum and black aluminum.
As for the bands, we’ll see the usual Porcelain Infinity, Obsidian Infinity and Coral Infinity.
When will the Fitbit Charge 7 come out?
There isn’t a specific or concrete Fitbit release cycle as such, so accurately predicting the Charge 7’s release date is somewhat tricky.
However, there is a common expectation throughout that it could launch in September 2024, 12 months after we were introduced to the Charge 6.
How much will the Fitbit Charge 7 cost?
Fitbit hasn’t been consistent in its pricing strategy for the Charge series. If anything, it has been quite erratic. The first edition launched at $130 before the price went up to $149.95 for the Charge 3 and Charge 4.
Another increase to $179.95 occurred for the Charge 5 before the Charge 6 hit the shelves at the cheaper rate of $159.99.
So for the Fitbit Charge 7, it might launch for around the same rate as the Charge 6 but, if there is a price increase to account for all of the rumored upgrades, it still shouldn’t be more expensive than the Charge 5 at $179.99.
Featured Image: Fitbit
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Top 5 Meme Coins with the Largest Potential for the Upcoming Bull Market

The current state of the cryptocurrency market indicates a notable level of fear among investors, evident in their behavior as many seek refuge in safer investments.
However, while retail investors are fleeing, whales are spotting a buying opportunity, particularly in meme coins. According to analysts, here are five meme coins that could see significant gains in the upcoming bull market.
Shiba Inu (SHIB)
Shiba Inu sits firmly as the second-biggest meme coin globally, with a passionate community that some believe could propel it through tough economic times.

Coinbase data shows Shiba Inu holders are some of the most committed in the crypto space, holding for an average of over two years. This strong community backing is a major reason for Shiba Inu’s promising future potential.
Recently, there’s been a buzz around Shiba Inu potentially reaching $0.01. Analysts point to Dogecoin’s incredible rise as an example.
Dogecoin, once a joke, skyrocketed past $0.01 thanks to major market events and celebrity endorsements, most notably from Elon Musk. This is a reminder that anything is possible in the wild world of crypto.
Pepe (PEPE)
Some analysts are bullish on Pepe, the meme coin chasing Shiba Inu’s throne. They predict Pepe will surpass Shiba Inu during the next bull market, mirroring Shiba Inu’s rise as the Dogecoin killer.
However, Pepe faces an immediate hurdle. Despite boasting an impressive trading volume of $500 million, the price has taken a hit, dropping 29.17% in the last month.
This decline is driven by heavy selling from traders, leading to lower volatility and potentially shaking investor confidence. Adding to the uncertainty is the recent departure of big investors, known as “whales.”
On-chain data reveals a significant decrease in whale transactions involving Pepe tokens, suggesting they expect further price drops and are cashing out.
While upcoming Ethereum ETFs might give Pepe a boost, the current situation is murky. The lack of whale activity coupled with the ongoing price decline paints a short-term bearish picture for the meme coin.
Pepe Unchained (PEPU)
In contrast to other meme coins, Pepe Unchained takes a unique approach by developing its own Layer 2 blockchain. For example, the Shiba Inu coin ecosystem has developed Shibarium, a Layer 2 blockchain that uses BONE as the gas token.
Similarly, Pepe Unchained is building a Layer 2 blockchain that will use $PEPU, the Pepe Unchained token, as both the gas and governance tokens.

Pepe’s taking blockchain to new heights!
SpiderPepe hanging from the ceiling and ready to drop something big 🕸️🐸
— Pepe Unchained (@pepe_unchained) July 11, 2024

Pepe Unchained offers features such as instant bridging, 100x faster transaction speeds than Ethereum, a dedicated block explorer, and low transaction fees, all while earning an impressive 557% annualized interest.
Checking out Pepe Unchained is a good idea, as the price is set to increase in just 9 hours. Already, $3.4 million worth of tokens have been sold during this market pullback, an incredible achievement.
This indicates that both investors and whale investors are not only buying Pepe and Shiba Inu coins but also actively acquiring Pepe Unchained.
It’s noteworthy that $3.4 million in inflows have occurred at a time when the market shows retail investors are inclined toward outflows.  To participate in the $PEPU token presale, visit
Shiba Shootout (SHIBASHOOT)
Shiba Shootout stands out in the meme coin world by blending excitement, utility, and stability. This unique mix is attracting crypto enthusiasts.
Beyond its fun branding, Shiba Shootout offers a staggering 1,594% annualized interest rate, rewarding investors significantly, especially during downturns. This high yield potential translates to substantial gains even with moderate price increases.
Inspired by the Wild West, the project immerses users in a thrilling digital adventure. Here, participants navigate the unpredictable crypto landscape, engaging in strategic battles and high-stakes challenges.
To incentivize community growth, Shiba Shootout boasts a referral program, rewarding users for inviting others and ultimately driving token demand.
Campfire Story sessions foster a strong community by allowing members to share experiences in a relaxed setting.

Shiba Shootout embraces decentralized governance, empowering users to participate in key decisions and fostering ownership and engagement. The Lucky Lasso Lottery adds excitement by offering valuable crypto prizes and boosting participation and token demand.
For additional rewards and to contribute to token scarcity, Shiba Shootout offers Savings Saddle Bags and Cactus Staking, allowing users to lock up holdings and earn extra rewards.
The token distribution itself is structured for growth and sustainability, with significant portions allocated to presale, staking, development, liquidity, marketing, and community rewards.
The Shiba Shootout presale provides an attractive entry point, with the current price strategically planned to increase. Early participation allows investors to secure their position and potentially benefit from substantial returns as the project gains traction.
With its unique concept, engaging features, and defined roadmap, Shiba Shootout positions itself as a promising contender for explosive growth in the cryptocurrency market. Be a part of the $SHIBASHOOT token presale at
PlayDoge (PLAY)
PlayDoge, the crypto world’s latest star, rocketed to fame with a $5.6 million presale haul. This meteoric rise highlights the meme coin craze and the booming Play2Earn sector.
PlayDoge targets crypto enthusiasts chasing the next big thing, similar to meme coin successes like Floki Inu. PlayDoge’s $PLAY token, built on the Binance Smart Chain, sets it apart.
This ensures scrutiny and a potential Binance listing, offering an attractive entry point for investors with the potential for high returns as the project grows.
At its core, PlayDoge cleverly merges gaming with earnings, reminiscent of the beloved Tamagotchi and Dogecoin’s allure. Players nurture a digital Doge companion in a 2D mobile game, earning $PLAY rewards.
Scheduled for release soon after the presale, this game taps into nostalgia while offering real utility, a key differentiator in the crowded meme coin space.
PlayDoge allocates resources strategically, with a significant portion dedicated to the community via presales, staking rewards, and marketing. This incentivizes participation and ensures sustained development and engagement within its ecosystem.
The project’s roadmap promises further expansion beyond the initial game, including additional mini-games and community-driven initiatives. Audited by SolidProof for security, PlayDoge mitigates risks common in new projects, boosting investor confidence.
With a staggering 9,200% staking return, PlayDoge incentivizes early adoption and loyalty, making it attractive for investors seeking active participation in the Play2Earn economy.
Poised for explosive growth alongside the gaming and Play2Earn sectors, PlayDoge is well-positioned to capitalize on the surging demand for interactive and rewarding blockchain experiences. To take part in the $PLAY token presale, visit

Top 3 Meme Coin Presale Projects with Potential for 50x-100x Gains – $WAI, $PLAY, and $PEPU

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PlayStation 2 emulation is now so good you don’t really need original hardware to enjoy its classics, as new PCSX2 version 2 is released

Full disclosure. Big fan of the PS 2 here. Some of my favorite all-time console games, if not actual games on any format live on the system, which is why I have a couple of them tucked away in my games room.
As time moves on though I am very much aware that they will ultimately fail. I have already replaced the CD drive’s laser units but these may not be available forever, nor is messing around inside old hardware something everybody enjoys. To combat wear and tear I put my entire PS2 game library on a hard drive and, using the magic of people on the internet can stream my game roms to my PS2 over ethernet. This is very cool, but also not for everybody, as Samba sharing can be a PITA.
The alternative to all of this is the (already before today) mightily impressive PCSX2 emulator, which over the years has come so far and can now pretty much play anything you throw at it with a few caveats here and there.
Now though, this has all changed again with a huge version leap from 1.7 to version 2 bringing so many new features it takes about 10 minutes to read through the blog post explaining them all. And this isn’t just some coder’s bullet point list that nobody else can understand, the post takes you through what’s been done, by whom, and why and every single change is a game-changer for PCSX2.
I’ve been playing around with it here all morning and it seems to my eye, pretty much flawless already and the big ‘advantage’ to playing on a real console is the upscaling for modern displays.
Don’t get me wrong, I am old school and have my PlayStation 2 hooked up to my retro-gaming pride and joy, a 32-inch Sony Trinitron that weighs as much as a small ape but there is something that makes me smile about seeing my favorite games on a 4k monitor, upscaled to 4k perfectly. And with the addition of one of the many user-made texture replacement packs you can easily update the actual in-game graphics of your favorite games to look, well exception.
Take a look at the two screenshots below of Tekken 5 – both are running on the emulator but the first is normal and the second has a 4k texture pack replacement. Does that look like a game that is almost 20 years old?

Some huge quality of life changes for retro gamers
A lot of the changes in PCSX2 are massive but the benefit is a significant bump in your gaming quality of life.
A switch to the Vulkan engine ensures future compatibility going forward and gone are all the various plugins you would have needed to get things up and running. You no longer need to tweak your game setting for the best results if you don’t want to now, the emulator deals with all that for you and it even comes with cheats and hacks included so you don’t need to fish around on the internet for them anymore, you simply need to tick a box to apply them. Want to play God of War 2 with a widescreen hack? Tick.
If space is a problem on your SSD or HD, PCSX now finally can read CHD files (compressed hard drive) which means you can, with the help of a tool or tool, compress the living daylights out of your library at no performance cost. Heck, the entire PS2 library of all those DVDs can now fit on a 3TB drive.
And finally, for this page at least because there is so much more we could write about if we had time, but some classic games such as the Burnout series now run correctly, whereas before the skybox wasn’t working properly. Now you can upscale Burnout and play it on your 4K projector if you have one and it will look very smart.
The work that has been done on the PCSX2 emulator is truly exciting and along with the recent news we brought you about the Dolphin emulator’s massive improvements also, it has been a great few weeks for retro gaming emulation.
Now if only we could find a way to the stop to corporates just deleting our games from their digital libraries.
What you need to use PCSX2
If this is not your first dabble with emulators there is nothing here to scare you off. If it is, then have a read around the subject matter a little as you are going to need a PS2 bios file and dumps of your (legally owned) game ROMs. You will also need a relatively decent spec PC. We aren’t talking about needing a 4090 here but a more recent GPU is going to help a lot.
Emulation is a grey area but we are not talking about Nintendo going after Yuzu here as the Switch is a current console. The act of PS2 preservation is here and there are so many great games in its library, it’s criminal either not to revisit them or try out some of them for the first time.
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