Point Spread Betting – How to Master Betting on Point Spreads

Point spread betting comes in all shapes and sizes, not just game outright odds. Top online sportsbooks will offer odds on things like the number of touchdowns a player will score in a game, the number of three-pointers in a basketball game, etc. But, nothing beats the classic format of taking the points in the big game. So, let’s dive right in and explore the many facets of point spread betting in today’s sports betting world.
What is Point Spread Betting?
A point spread is a number set by sportsbooks that levels the playing field between two teams, to drive betting action on both sides. The spread relates directly to the margin of victory in any given game. To “cover the spread”, a team must win by a final margin larger than the point spread or, in the case of an underdog, lose by fewer points than the spread (or win outright).
However, it is fair to say that by some distance, the most popular point spreads are winning margin lines. Point spreads are regarded as one of the ‘big three’ betting types, along with moneyline and totals (over/under).
How Point Spread Betting Works
Point spread betting is all about the favorite winning by more than the spread margin, or the dog winning the game by less, or just winning the game. If the Dolphins are -7 on the spread against the Eagles, then anyone that places a point spread wager on the Dolphins needs them to win the game by at least 8 points to cover the spread. Anything less, and it’s a losing wager.
When you place a spread wager, the betting odds will always include juice/vig, which varies from sportsbook to sportsbook. A strong team with a high outright win percentage could have a point spread of -2, but that bet could also come with a high cost, like -200 or even higher, with the +12 underdogs returning +180 or more.
In the 2024 Superbowl, the 49ers were -2 on the point spread against the Kansas City Chiefs. Anyone with that bet needed the 49ers to win the game by at least 3pts. Unfortunately, they lost it by three points, so the 49ers failed to cover the spread.
It’s not just in tight encounters that the teams fail to meet point-spread expectations. In 2013, the Denver Broncos went into their home game with Jacksonville as the hottest offense in the NFL. Averaging 46pts per game against a team averaging just over 10pts per game, the hosts were justifiably expected to cover a 28pts spread but the Broncos didn’t get close to covering the spread against an improved defensive performance from the Jaguars.
How to Read Point Spreads
Point spreads are super easy to understand once you get the basics. The spreads themselves correlate directly with moneyline odds – the shorter the moneyline odds of a favorite, the bigger the spread they will have to cover.

Handicaps: How to Spot Them – Point spreads effectively handicap bets because the spread is effectively the expected winning margin for the favorite.
Finding the Favorite – Point spreads are always built around the favorite and their expected winning margin. If it’s a close game and you are not sure who is the favorite, check out the moneyline odds.
Identifying an Underdog – The underdog is always the biggest moneyline odds. The spread effectively gives them a head start in the game. If an underdog wins a game, no matter what the spread line, they beat the spread.

The Importance of Shopping for Lines
With so many sportsbooks now in the marketplace, it’s well worth pointing out that point spread lines will vary, as will all game odds. With this in mind, it is always really important to to shop around and find the best lines or odds as a part of your betting strategy. If you fancy the favorite to cover a -5 spread but another book is going -4 about the same team, you should be taking that -4, assuming the spread odds are the same. Similarly, if you fancy a dog, the bigger the line the better your chance of landing a winning bet. Small margins can make a big long-term difference if you find the best value each time.

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How to Bet Against the Spread (ATS)
Betting against the spread can be a great way to beat the book, especially if you think the spread is too high. To bet against the spread, you are simply backing the underdog (+) option. If a favorite is -5 on the spread, the underdog will be +5. You are betting on the underdog to lose by less than the spread – it’s normally referred to as ‘betting against the spread’.
Why would you bet against the spread? There are a million angles and it largely depends on what you place more store in. The favorite might not have a particularly good record at a stadium, they might have traveled a lot, or they might be missing a key forward.
What Does “Covering the Spread” Mean?
Covering the spread simply means beating the spread line. So, if a team is -12 on the spread, they will cover it if they win the game by 13pts or more. Similarly, if the underdog is +12 on the spread, they need to lose by no more than 11pts.
On either side, if the margin matches the spread, the bet is a push, and stakes are refunded. If the spread involves half-point numbers, eg -8.5/+8.5, then there has to be a winner and loser.
Live Betting Point Spreads
Live spread betting is an in-running line that moves according to the current game state. Lines are constantly changing throughout the game, depending on what is happening on the field. If the favorite is heavily on top, their point spread will increase, and vice versa. This fast-paced, volatile type of bet isn’t for everyone, especially as your bet could look in trouble just a couple of plays later.

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How to Place a Point Spread Bet
To place point spread bets, you will need an account at an online sportsbook. Here, we’ll walk you through the steps required to get a sports betting account up and running.

Choosing the right sports betting site is important. There are so many to choose from and they all have different features, for example not all would have live streaming or same-game parlays. However, you would do well to find one that didn’t offer point spreads on all the top US pro sports games.

Once you have found your ideal sportsbook, you should click on the link on this page, which will direct you straight to the sign-up section.

Verification at any of the sportsbooks is swift and straightforward. Depending on the sportsbook you choose, it will typically involve simply entering an SMS code or clicking on a verify link in an email. It’s as simple as that!
Once you have opened your account, you need to get funds into it. At this point, you may need to enter a promo code if you wish to take advantage of what are normally very generous welcome bonus offers. You will also need to familiarise yourself with the T&Cs of the bonus offer, like playthrough requirements, what sports or markets (if any) can be played, etc.

Once you have a funded account and have a game in mind, you are clear to place a point spread wager. It is probably advisable to start with pre-game spreads before you move into the more volatile environment of live spread betting.

Point Spread Betting by Sport
You can place point spread bets on most team sports but there is no doubt that NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL are the most popular for a point spread wager. Let’s take a closer look at how point spreads work within each of these.
NBA Point Spread Betting
A high-scoring game like basketball lends itself perfectly to a point spread wager so it’s no surprise that NBA point spread betting is super popular. Bettors assess factors like home-court advantage, head-to-head records, recent form, and coaching strategy to evaluate NBA lines.
NFL Point Spread Betting
US sports fans love NFL betting like nothing else, and point spread lines are one of the most popular ways to enjoy a big Sunday game. Because of the nature of football scoring, NFL betting spreads are typically set around these key numbers: 2.5, 3, 3.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5. Team news around an NFL football game is generally only truly meaningful if it involves a team’s quarterback, although cluster injuries around a particular position might also have an impact. Recent form is a huge factor when assessing NFL point spread lines.
MLB Point Spread Betting
MLB’s version of the point spread is the run line. However, run lines tend not to have as much variation as spreads in other sports because just a single run decides such a big chunk (around 30%) of MLB games. With that in mind, run lines are generally set at 1.5 (-1.5 for the fav, +1.5 for the dog). Run line bettors should dig into the starting pitchers, batting lineups, home/away splits, injuries, and weather when sizing up that day’s baseball run line betting options.
NHL Point Spread Betting
The NHL version of the point spread is the puck line, which stipulates a certain number of goals between two sides. Because ice hockey is generally a low-scoring sport, puck lines are typically set at 1.5. If a line is set at 1.5 goals, then the favorite needs to win by two goals, or the dog needs to win or lose by no more than a single goal.

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Point Spread Betting Tips From Our Experts
Assessing point spread lines involves research and understanding. Here are our top five tips for finding point spread line value.

Do your research: Know your numbers, player stats, head-to-head data, recent form, etc. It’s a great foundation.
Keep on top of team news: Team news can have a huge impact on speed lines, especially if it involves a pitcher or a quarterback. However, if you are slow to react, you will have missed any potential value in the point spread change.
Shop around: Find the best lines and point spread bet odds by having multiple sportsbook accounts. The differential might seem small and immaterial, but in the long term, these edges add up.
Keep on top of staking: Disciplined staking is essential, especially when you are taking negative prices on point spread bets. Whatever your staking plan, stick to it.
Don’t combine point spreads in parlays: The prospect of turning three point-spread wagers into a +500 return might look appealing but each leg of a parlay multiples the vig, so the more individual legs of the parlay there are, the worse total value the bet will be.

Pros and Cons of Point Spread Betting
Betting the spreads won’t be for everyone, especially the in-game lines. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this type of sports bet.


Point spread bets level the playing field in a game, meaning every game has a potential interest, even complete mismatches.
Typically, point spread lines open earlier than other markets, making them a popular avenue for sharp value seekers.
Spreads are generally more reasonably priced than line-betting odds.
In-game point spreads provide bettors the chance to cash in on in-game situations.
The possibility of a push, if the result hits the line, is additional insurance on a wager


Spreads can be a little more difficult for rookie bettors to understand, although hopefully not after reading this page!
In-game spread lines change quickly, making it difficult to get the line you want.
With a point spread bet, you will always be taking negative odds, which won’t appeal to all types of sports bettors

Final Thoughts on Point Spread Betting
Point spreads are a great option for sports fans, especially in high-scoring games like NFL and NBA. It’s a vehicle that can be used to get better odds on a favorite or provide yourself with a bigger cushion on an underdog. Don’t be one-dimensional and bet spreads all the time, but do see this wager type as a valuable tool in your betting armory.
Responsible Betting
Like all forms of gambling, betting on sports comes with significant risks. With this in mind, you must bet sensibly, responsibly, and within your means. Responsible gambling tools are available on all sportsbooks that can help with this process, such as adding deposit limits, play times, and even complete exclusion, if your betting has got out of control.
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Point Spread Betting FAQs
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jQuery(“.accordionButton”).click(function() {
if(jQuery(this).next().is(“:hidden”) == true) {

What does spread betting mean?
Spread betting is betting on a set of numbers that represents how much one side (the favorite) is expected to win the game by. You either bet the favorite or the dog to ‘cover the spread’.

What does + and – mean in spread betting?
A ‘+’ number is applied to an underdog, who is given a head start on their opponents. A ‘-‘ number is applied to the favorite to level them up with the underdog.

How do you know who the favorite team is in spread betting?
The favorite team will always have a ‘-‘ number attached to them. The heavier the favorite in moneyline odds, the bigger the ‘-‘ number will be.

What does -110 mean in sports betting?
-110 means that you will need to stake $110 to win $100.

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How to make Rambo in Infinite Craft

We are going to take Infinite Craft back to a simpler time, the time of the 80s action movie star. We already know you can create just about everything in IC, even if it isn’t quite as infinite as its title suggests but creating Rambo, and his full name John Rambo, should give us an interesting item to mix with some of our existing inventory. We will leave it up to you to see if you want to mix him with Elon Musk.
How to craft John Rambo
So we are not interested in Stallone himself here, but rather his Vietnam war hero John Rambo, he of many action movies now, so much so that they still keep coming out. Maybe you can make your own once we complete the steps below. Or maybe you can find a way to stop him making any more.
Let’s go.

Earth + Wind = Dust
Fire + Water = Steam
Earth + Water = Plant
Dust + Earth = Planet
Water + Water = Lake
Plant + Steam = Tea
Planet + Wind = Storm
Lake + Water = Ocean
Storm + Tea = Tempest
Lake + Ocean = Sea
Earth + Fire = Lava
Tempest + Wind = Tornado
Lava + Sea = Stone
Dust + Ocean = Sand
Tempest + Water = Tsunami
Stone + Tornado = Avalanche
Dust + Water = Mud
Dust + Sand = Sandstorm
Avalanche + Tsunami = Disaster
Planet + Steam = Steampunk
Lake + Mud = Swamp
Disaster + Sandstorm = Dust Bowl
Ocean + Steampunk = Steampunk Pirate
Plant + Swamp = Venus Flytrap
Dust Bowl + Wind = Dust Storm
Steam + Steampunk Pirate = Steampunk Pirate Ship
Dust Storm + Venus Flytrap = Dust Trap
Earth + Earth = Mountain
Steampunk Pirate Ship + Stone = Stonehenge
Dust Trap + Plant = Flower
Plant + Wind = Dandelion
Ocean + Plant = Coral
Lake + Mountain = Fjord
Steam + Stonehenge = Time
Flower + Water = Lily
Dandelion + Dandelion = Dandelion Patch
Dust Trap + Venus Flytrap = Flypaper
Coral + Wind = Coral Reef
Fjord + Fjord = Glacier
Lake + Time = Aeon
Lily + Mud = Lotus
Mountain + Mountain = Mountain Range
Dandelion Patch + Lake = Duck
Coral Reef + Flypaper = Flytrap
Fire + Steam = Engine
Aeon + Glacier = Ice Age
Fire + Venus Flytrap = Fire Trap
Lily + Lotus = Nymph
Duck + Mountain Range = Rocky
Engine + Flytrap = Helicopter
Ice Age + Steam = Steam Age
Fire + Fire Trap = Fireball
Glacier + Nymph = Snow White
Helicopter + Rocky = Rambo
Steam Age + Wind = Steam Engine
Fireball + Time = Fireworks
Rambo + Snow White = Rambo White
Fireworks + Steam Engine = Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution + Rambo White = John Rambo

In case you didn’t notice we also got Rocky, which when you get it you don’t think there is a connection but we need Rocky to get Rambo. Man, this game is clever.
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What games are coming to PlayStation Plus in March?

The monthly games available to PlayStation Plus subscribers have been revealed for March.
Available from March 5, four titles are available across PS4 and PS4.
EA Sports F1 23
F1 23 is the official videogame of the 2023 Formula One World Championships. A classic F1 gaming experience with 20 drivers and 10 teams to experiment with across a variety of modes including My Team Career Mode, a story mode, and the F2 practice mode. The 2023 game has been updated to include new Las Vegas and Qatar circuits and an in-game hub that holds weekly challenges and rewards and will arriving on PlayStation Plus in March.

Sifu is a third-person hand-to-hand combat game where the player takes control of a character bent on revenge after the murders of his family. Defeat waves of foes as you make your way through the world, relying on a magical amulet to bring you back to life to ensure success in your mission. Beware though because there is a cost. Sifu was voted the “Best Game You Suck At” in the 2023 Steam Awards and recently added a free Arena expansion which includes five new game modes, 15 new locations, and 120 challenges to beat.

Hello Neighbour 2
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EA cancels Respawn’s Star Wars first-person shooter

EA has canceled Respawn’s first-person shooter, based on Star Wars’ The Mandalorian, as part of a recent round of layoffs.
The game was first announced in January 2022, billed as an “all-new Star Wars first-person shooter game”. The production was being led by former LucasArts veteran and Medal of Honor co-creator Peter Hirschmann, who previously worked on the popular Star Wars Battlefront games, The Force Unleashed, and more.
However, EA has now announced that the Star Wars game has been canceled amid 670 company-wide layoffs, representing approximately 5% of the workforce. This comes just a few days after Sony announced widespread layoffs at PlayStation, highlighting the wider issue in the industry.
It doesn’t mean the end of Star Wars games, however; instead, Respawn will focus on the Jedi and Apex Legends series.
“As we’ve looked at Respawn’s portfolio over the last few months, what’s clear is the games our players are most excited about are Jedi and Respawn’s rich library of owned brands,” said EA Entertainment president Laura Miele in a statement published on Wednesday (Feb 28).
“Knowing this, we have decided to pivot away from early development on a Star Wars FPS Action game to focus our efforts on new projects based on our owned brands while providing support for existing games.
“It’s always hard to walk away from a project, and this decision is not a reflection of the team’s talent, tenacity, or passion they have for the game. Giving fans the next installments of the iconic franchises they want is the definition of blockbuster storytelling and the right place to focus.”
The future of Star Wars games
It seems likely that we can expect a third Star Wars Jedi game, with actor Cameron Monaghan hinting during Ocala Comic Con that he was “working on a third” entry in the ever-popular series, as shown in this video from YouTuber in attendance Saix_XIII.
This was closely followed by the director of the two previous games, Stig Asmussen, revealing that he was leaving Respawn. However, Asmussen had said previously that he had also envisaged the games following a three-title arc, so the developer may be sticking with this plan.
Featured image: Disney+
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Star Wars game cancelled as EA cuts 670 jobs

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